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UAE: Corniche Hospital launches new health centre to boost patient care

UAE: Corniche Hospital launches new health centre to boost patient care

Abu Dhabi’s flagship maternity hospital has launched a new health centre dedicated to the care of patients who are not pregnant.

Corniche Hospital has set up the Women’s Health Centre, based at a nearby clinic, to provide extra support for women who may feel “uncomfortable” receiving non-maternity care at the hospital.

More than 20 per cent of patient attending the medical facility who do not require maternity treatment.

Linda Clark, chief executive officer of the hospital, said the clinic was previously used for obstetric (treatment related to childbirth) but has been revamped to improve care provided to all of is patients.

“It has always been called the Women’s Health Centre but in the past has been focused on obstetric care. It is now a dedicated to gynaecology and family medicine,” said Ms Clark.

“Now there is a convenient private outpatient clinic that is available for women who are not pregnant. As Corniche Hospital is widely known for obstetrics, some women are not comfortable if they have gynaecological issues and feel like they shouldn’t be in an obstetrics facility.”

The centre will share staffing resources with the hospital, with ten consultants commuting between the two facilities.

Pregnant mothers will be registered...

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