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USA: Pharmaceutical startups that may upend new drugs regulations

USA: Pharmaceutical startups that may upend new drugs regulations

It appears that nothing is safe from disruption by either the internet or the startup industry. The most recent development is a move by both well-established companies and burgeoning startups into the pharmaceutical industry, but could they really provide an alternative to a doctor?

Last year Amazon turned heads by hiring a general manager and around 40 staff to get the delivery company into the market for selling medicine, reported Pharmaceutical Journal. Their plan is to start in the US market, the site continued, with a view to enter the UK market if the venture is successful. This could drastically change the way we deal with drugs and prescriptions, and according to a nationwide survey, half of all Americans stated that they would be prepared to order drugs online from Amazon Pharmacy.

Nestling in the shadow of the delivery powerhouse are a plethora of drug-delivery startups, many of them created for a very specific market. Slick and stylish startups Hims and Roman focus on men’s health products, with an emphasis on issues likely to cause embarrassment such as erectile dysfunction (ED) or hair loss.

Roman’s website states that men are 50 percent less likely to go to a doctor over...

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