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The mid-term elections in the US may usher new drug-pricing reforms

The mid-term elections in the US may usher new drug-pricing reforms

HOW THE MIDTERMS COULD IMPACT PHARMA — As you’ve probably heard, voters across the United States of America head to the polls Tuesday, and could shake up the power structure of Congress. Most interesting to us is what could flow from a Democratic takeover of the House coupled with continued Republican control of the Senate. That dynamic could up the chances for drug-pricing reform, one of the most significant areas where President Donald Trump has signaled he might reach across the aisle.

Big vs. little stuff: That doesn’t mean we should expect a big breakthrough on, say, negotiating drug prices in Medicare. But impactful incremental reforms, like increasing transparency around drugmakers’ relationships with pharmacy benefit managers to ensure there is no collusion to keep prices high, could get bipartisan support. The expansive Medicare Part B drug payment pilot that HHS rolled out two weeks ago also is likely to get more support from congressional Democrats than Republicans. Refresh your memory on the landscape for drug pricing collaboration with this story for Pros here.

Despite the long odds, Democrats won’t give up without a fight on bold moves like government negotiation of drug prices, which Trump supported on the campaign trail...

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