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Better health insurance and home care for senior Emiratis under new policy

Better health insurance and home care for senior Emiratis under new policy

Details of a policy to provide senior Emiratis with the services they need were revealed by the Ministry of Community Development. Hessa Buhumaid, the minister responsible for managing the 26 services, said the most significant change will be to ensure comprehensive health insurance, including home visits if necessary, is provided to all retired Emiratis who need it.

“Health insurance is very important,” she said. “We know that some senior Emiratis have health insurance and others might not be covered. That’s why we started by working directly with organisations that are responsible for health insurance to make sure everyone is covered. It requires collaboration and lots of initiatives.”

The ministry already runs medical home visits to senior Emiratis in Sharjah, but those living in other emirates called on the government to make the option available nationwide.

“If any senior Emiratis want check-ups on a weekly basis we provide this service for them. We started in one emirate and are expanding now. Through this, we get to know more about our seniors and their families. We also build our collaboration and relationship with them,” Ms Buhumaid said.

Ensuring every Emirati over the age of 60 has access to the services they need...

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