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AI is going to transform the pharmaceutical industry. Here’s how.

AI is going to transform the pharmaceutical industry. Here’s how.

The pharmaceutical industry could be on the cusp of a major transformation as artificial intelligence, Big Data, and the cloud begin transforming how drugs are made and tested.

A recent Intelligence Unit report from The Economist and research sponsor PAREXEL Informatics, one of the biopharmaceutical services companies driving the AI push in clinical trials, found that Big Data innovations reduced time for recruitment in clinical trials by 37 percent and that drugs developed with new AI tools were 16 percent more likely to reach market launch.

To get some context to those findings, I reached out to Dr. Isabelle de Zegher, VP of Engineering at PAREXEL.

GN: I was surprised to learn that the cloud and Big Data analytics were not really being used in clinical drug trials until very recently. Why is that?

Dr. Z: There are probably two reasons. For one, the need for the cloud and big data have historically been limited. While the pharma industry is processing a lot of documents and data as a support to drug development and regulatory submission, this has been in limited volumes compared to other industries such as aeronautics.

In addition, pharma is a highly regulated industry and as such...

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